Wer kontrolliert die Polizei?
Drescher, Falko

Main titleWer kontrolliert die Polizei?
SubtitleEine Untersuchung zu Problemen der Polizeikontrolle im Land Brandenburg
Title variationsWho controls the police?
Author(s)Drescher, Falko
Place of birth: Rathenow, Brandenburg
1. RefereeProf. Wolf-Dieter Narr
Further Referee(s)Prof. Martin Kutscha
KeywordsPolice assault control
Classification (DDC)320 Political science
SummaryPolice activity (even the practice of force and violence) lost its impact for the public by the historical process of an increasing justification. As police practices are regulated, they become apparently restrained and finally accepted and are questioned in everyday life only exceptionally. This “nimbus of regularity" has to be put in question though because of continous police scandals and assaults. As an illustration of this problem the paper starts with a chapter in which (for the first time) the scandal of the police department Bernau is described in a detailed way. The dissertation systematically argues for an effective control of the police and asks, who exactly (with what measures and what prospect for success) is responsible for the control activity. First of all the measures ( i.e. basic rights, certain aspects of the constitutional state) and criterions (i.e. the need of independant controllers, distance between actors) are worked out. After that the concrete practice of control is acquired, whereas the conditions in the state Brandenburg are analyzed as an example. The control by the state parliament, justice, executive, alternative controllers, several citizens and media is also illuminated by numerous examples. Afterwards the control situation is valuated by means of those measures and criterions that I've already worked out. The results are more than sobering, because in the main fields of police activity an effective control does not take place. Moreover the effort of control appears often only symbolically, as a show. There are also mentioned alternative possibilities of control and the question of the transferability of the results to other police departments in different states. Section 2/1/1 describes as an excursion the discussion about identification tags for police officers.
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FU DepartmentDepartment of Political and Social Sciences
Year of publication2007
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