Das Klavier als Mittel politischer Distinktion im Zusammenhang mit der Entwicklung des Klavierbaus in London und Berlin an den Beispielen Broadwood und Bechstein
Lippe-Weißenfeld, Hagen W.

Main titleDas Klavier als Mittel politischer Distinktion im Zusammenhang mit der Entwicklung des Klavierbaus in London und Berlin an den Beispielen Broadwood und Bechstein
Title variationsThe piano as medium for political distinction in connection with the development of piano manufacturing in London and Berlin based on the examples of Broadwood and Bechstein
Author(s)Lippe-Weißenfeld, Hagen W.
Place of birth: Leer/Ostfriesland
1. RefereeProf. Dr. Ralf Rytlewski
Further Referee(s)Prof. Dr. Dorothea Schmidt
KeywordsDistinction, Distinktion, Piano, Klavier, Habitus, Promotor, Economic, civic and political capital, Ökonomisches, kulturelles und soziales Kapital, Bügertum, Komparation, Vergleich
Classification (DDC)300 Social sciences
SummarySince the latest 18th century and lastly at the beginning of the 19th century, when the rise of the piano began, its impact to the civic and political life was profound. With its multifunctional applications, the piano carried the formation of the corporate culture of the centres of governance in Great Britain and Prussia/Germany, London and Berlin. The present case study analyses the direct and indirect machineries for advancement, which supported the development of these special medium for distinction. This will be showed by the aid of a political-sociological conception of distinction instancing an international comparison of two similar economic, civic and political areas. For this purpose Pierre Bourdieus’ cultural- sociological theory of distinction will be combined with the understanding of capital as medium for distinction. Three sorts of capital (economic, civic and political) are the fundamentals for an accordant structure of the study results. In accordance with Bourdieu the author is convinced, that someone, whose personality is featured with these three sorts of capital, owns a special habitus. This would help the person to invest this patrimonial capital profitable. Beyond the functions of the businessmen John Broadwood and Carl Bechstein will be analysed. They act as promoters of a triangle of developments between manufacturers, artists and consumers. It is incidental that the British and Prussian/German society is structured with hierarchies and stratums. Those who are members of the upper class acting as referee for members of the underclass. There is proceeding a diffusion top down. There could be shown a codification of the political system through the music culture as well as the construction of a new political space in which let music getting out from intimacy into publicity. The piano music in Great Britain and Prussia/Germany contributes to set boundaries to afford consciously a cultural legitimation for social extremes.
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FU DepartmentDepartment of Political and Social Sciences
Year of publication2006
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Authors commentsÜberarb. Fassung im Buchh. ersch. bei: Peter Lang, Frankf./M. 2007, in: Beiträge z. europ. Musikgeschichte, Bd.11, ISBN 978-3-631-56268-0
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